Employee Benefits - why we're a great place to work!

We aim to provide our staff with a work environment that's tolerant, happy & co-operative. We want people to be their best professionally - for themselves and for us, so that they can be satisfied and Council can achieve its goals. Some of the things we do:

Employee Assistance Program
Council doesn't just care about the job being done by a member of staff, it also cares about the person and their wellbeing, whether it's a work related or a personal issue or concern. To assist staff work through any matters we have an independent counsellor who regularly visits onsite and is available for consultation during work or after hours.

Excellent rates of pay
The enterprise agreement provides for a standard annual pay increase for all staff and a structured annual review process provides a further opportunity and incentive to move to a higher level of pay. Once the highest level of pay for a particular job is reached then, to keep staff motivated, they become eligible to work towards the "end of band payment" that we've introduced.

Ongoing training & development
The annual review process provides an opportunity for staff to identify the training and development they would like to do and which is necessary for their job. All training identified is generously supported. Staff are also encouraged to think about and become involved in other training that may help them meet broader career goals and, quite often, Council will agree to meet or contribute towards the associated costs.

Young people
Council is keen to support young people and provide worthwhile career and job opportunities. It regularly takes on apprentices in the outdoor area and traineeships in a range of indoor fields are frequently advertised.

Family friendly and flexible workplace
As an organisation we do our best to accommodate the responsibilities that you have outside of the workplace. This includes some flexibility in working hours and enterprise agreement provisions for things like parental leave, dependant or elder care, pre-natal leave, bereavement/compassionate leave, etc.

Aquatic Centre Corporate Membership
Members of staff are entitled to a reduction in the cost of membership at the Horsham Aquatic Centre, which incorporates indoor and outdoor pools and a well-equipped gymnasium. For more information visit http://www.horsham.ymca.org.au/