Truck Driver/Plant Operator


Reference: 4823912

  • Full-time
  • 9 day fortnight
  • Band 3 plus maintenance allowance

Council is currently seeking a Truck Driver/Plant Operator to provide plant operator and truck driving support for the Transport & Supply Unit associated with the construction and maintenance of VicRoads Arterial Program and Council construction program.

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Assist to provide plant operating expertise in support of the road construction and maintenance area, particularly through the ongoing supply of materials
  • Load, unload and move materials and equipment when required/as instructed
  • To endeavour that all works of Unit are carried out to best practices and are completed on time, effectively, safely, competitively and within financial guidelines. To give "hands on" support to other Unit functions

Specialist skills & knowledge include:

  • Plant operating skills, in particular large trucks
  • Understanding of the day-to-day maintenance requirements of plant and equipment
  • Basic First Aid skills

Applications Close: 01 Sep 2019

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